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    I couldn’t save my old notes before I had to rebuild my site. Irritating. Well, I guess I’ll have to begin a whole new set.

    For a hot minute, I was working on A Scorpion’s Game, but it wasn’t catching my attention the way I wanted to. Then I tried writing a magical realism story called Silver Star. That wasn’t going well either. I’ve set them both aside and went back to a favorite topic.

    Angels. I love writing about angels. This particular story isn’t anything like the series I did, nor is it sweet, fluffy fun. Haziel is a soldier, like all angels are. Abaddon isn’t Earth though, or anything like it. Zeke really shouldn’t be stuck in Abaddon, but he is.

    This story is about a human pulled out of the pocket universe God shoved Earth in to keep it safe when the good side started losing the Apocalypse. Of course humans have no idea and Zeke didn’t either until a demon tried to save its own ass by pulling a human through the veil to use as a power source in a fight. Shenanigans continue on from there. It’s a big world setting, because I like the epic adventures, but also a small setting of an army camp. I’m having a lot of fun with this one.

    August 12, 2019


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