• T.A. Creech


  • Series

    An angel turned away from the camera. Topless, wearing jeans.Angelfall – Theosophi

    Angels were nothing but stories to the Thomas brothers, fantastic beings that couldn’t exist. Until one landed in the pumpkin patch, that is. After that, it was wings and wide-eyed wonder, demons and discovery. Life went for a hell of a turn at the Thomas farm, no question, and it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. But after all is said and done, each of the brothers had the same, irrefutable thought: Worth it.



    Expedition 63 A crumbling, molten figure looking over a space station orbiting the Earth.

    When contact is lost with Mission Control, Commander John Dennington isn’t overly concerned. Such hiccups in communication are common. The first inkling of the larger problem occurs when he sees the very shape of the world change before his eyes.




    Legends Of OsaireA swordsman and a mage against a castle backdrop.

    Swords and sorcery. Love and mystery. This collection of tales is from all corners of the realm of Osaire, which is fitting for such a large and strange land. Stories of kings in impossible situations, of an ancient love rediscovered, of the heart of the world amongst the people. And so much more.