I’ve finished Storm Crow, which turned out sweeter than I thought it would. I feels great to clean my palate with a little high fantasy before I delve back into the deep abyss of sci-fi. Unlike the Expedition 63 trilogy, A Soldier’s Horizon is very hard sci-fi. Okay, this one has nagas in it. Half human and half snake. A creature feature. I’ve only finished the plot outline for it and I’m excited to put pen to paper, as it were, and bring these characters to life again.

The characters, Selati and Aleledai, are from the very first story I ever published. At the time, I hadn’t thought anything of the short story. I just wrote it and loved it. I went back and reread it about a year or so later, and felt it was incomplete. There was a whole huge plot in the background, something I hadn’t noticed at the time I wrote it, and I wanted to expand it to a respectable size, maybe do the concept justice. I hope I can.

All the best,

-T.A. Creech

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