I’m working on the third Legends of Osaire book, Storm Crow. It’s a hurt/comfort fluff piece of high fantsy, including a sort of sentient volcano. Yep. Volcano.
I love writing this one. I plot all of my stories, but this one was easy to write from the start. Moves at a good pace, the characters are interesting to write and it flows. Lots of fun and I can’t wait until I finish it in a few days.
However, some of the research I’ve done for this story has me scratching my head. I went looking for ancient volcano worship information and there’s not a lot. Surprising, right? Especially when one considers a lot of the world still live at the feet of these noisy, messy behemoths. Ah, well. I guess I’ll have to fudge a little bit of the story to make the pieces make sense. So be it. I have six scenes to write as of this post. Then I get to work on my genetically engineered Nagas in a reworking of my short story Slither. I’m really stoked about that one too.
All the best,
T.A. Creech
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