Probably expecting a post about A Scorpion’s Game, right? I was too, until about two weeks ago. I lost steam for it and I don’t know why. I happens to me, but not often. Never fear! Once I work one something else for a bit, I always finish a story I start writing. I even plan to finish a Hobbit fanfiction that’s been half written this year.

The change of pace I’m doing is a quartet called the Fourfold Mysteries. Each book is about a different magical ability that’s been outlawed for some sorta valid reason and it has a small, but far-reaching, ensemble cast.

First is Silver Star, with an Ace protag and a newly discovered talent for spirit magic, outlawed for its misuse. Second is White Heart about a lesbian wanting to give her wife a child and the surprising way they conceive one. Third is Gold Moon, about a transman and his phenomenal hold over time. Fourth, last but definitely not least, is Black Rose and a man’s drive to snatch his lover back from the dead.

That’s all I’m saying about these for the moment. I’ll have more interesting bits when I dig into these stories.

All the best,

T.A. Creech

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