I started work on a little, sorta light, spy romance. The story has it’s share of thrills, but not a doom and gloom type of thing. It’s mostly about shenanigans.

See, a gentleman named Mycroft Holmes, MI6 analyst, comes under suspicion of being a double agent.

His bosses think it’s a good idea to have him investigated. Just in case. Mr Lanner doesn’t really believe Holmes has turned against them, but it doesn’t hurt to look on the sly. Enter Gavin Lestrade.

Now, Mycroft has always had a weird thing about his name. His parents, bless their poor departed souls, thought is was a great idea to name their son after the older brother of their favorite book character. It’s caused him nothing but headaches over the years. More headaches come when someone had the bright idea to give him an assistant with the name Lestrade.

It was going to drive him mad.

All the best,

T.A. Creech

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