A Soldier’s Horizon

Selati, a big construct forced to work in the cobalt mines of Ilmare, is terrified of the overseers. Danger dogs his every breath, somehow the leader of his ragged work crew, and he finally has enough when the mine itself almost kills him. Humans or no humans, he refuses to let his crew die down in the dark. As his crew takes their stand in their bid for freedom, rescue comes. Freedom in the light and a whole new life awaits.

It’s a duty Aleledai takes great pride in, saving his fellow Caniean. Humans might have created them to mine and nothing more, but like all things, the Caniean are not the mindless beasts humans intended to work to death for resources. Selati’s rescue is probably his greatest accomplishment, because something about this one becomes everything Aleledai was missing, that made freedom perfect.

Humans don’t let go of their things easily, though and war is coming, no matter what the Caniean want. The price of freedom is always high. Aleledai only hopes the price isn’t everything he’s found worth living for.

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Artificial Heart

In a future where the United States is slowly rebuilding itself, Omega Travis Danten is a big city cop sent to a seemingly desolate city on the edge of the Waste. This desert is full of undesirables, and it’s only a matter of time before they wreak havoc. But, Omegas are always assigned Alphas, and his new partner’s job is to protect him.
But SdAI Alpha Virgil is not at all amused with the partner who chose him. Travis is willful and naive to the dangers a homicide detective faces here, and it makes Virgil’s job that much harder. And Travis, of course, is human and develops feelings, feelings that go beyond the rules about Omega/Alpha partnerships.
Travis and Virgil have to find common ground, find a killer, and find space for each other in their own hearts, even if one is artificial.

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Heatwave: Tucson

Chris wasn’t surprised to find Will on his doorstep on a Friday evening. Standard operating procedure and all that. But going to Tucson Raceway Park in the middle of August was not something he wanted to do after a long day at work. Still, how could he resist spending the evening with the secret love of his life, even if it was just to watch cars go around in a circle?
But when they’re together, fast cars aren’t the only thing that can make a heart thunder on a hot summer night. Will’s got a surprise in store that will definitely turn up the heat.

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Carolina Burning

Rich has lived in the North Carolinian wilderness for over two years, and while he’s heard the stories, he never actually believed they were true. Even after
witnessing it for himself, Rich still isn’t sure he believes in what’s happening around him. He knows one thing for sure — he’s going to have to rescue the man he thinks is being sacrificed, no matter how much he hates violence.
The guy on the table is a honey-coated wet dream, and Rich isn’t sure what to do after saving him from what appears to be a cult in the middle of the forest. So much for the quiet life.

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War awaits on Ilmare, between the humans and the constructs they created. Considered flawed designs by their creators, Selati and his other sentient comrades live the life of refugees on the run, hiding and fighting in Ilmare’s vast jungles. They want only the freedom to pursue their newly awakened sentience away from human interference.
Aleledai taught Selati all he knows of a life without chains and suffering. Neither can know what tomorrow will bring, rather all too well what it could take from them both. On the cusp of war, Selati returns to his lover to spend one last night in the peaceful world that only exists in Aleledai’s arms.

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