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    So, I started this new four book series called Feathered, a new-future sorta sci-fi and sorta comtemporary fantasy set of books with a new backstory for the Seelie and Unseelie fight. Had it all plotted out and everything. Going great. And then Bo decided to take this thing off the rails.

    Don’t get me wrong, love the way this story is unfolding, but sometimes characters give me a headache when they hijack the process. Ugh. Shenanighans.

    I figured out I love writing slow burns, up until they aren’t slow at all. Edan, okay his name’s really Ediel’re but Edan is his human name, is one of those ridiculously good do-gooders and I’m stumped with this elvish asshole. I’m chaotic good by nature, so lawful good people are kinda out of my wheelhouse. I’ll figure it out. I’m 15,000 words into this story and with my goal being a 60,000 minimum, I’m sure I’ll get the hang of Edan at some point.

    Here’s a couple lines I really liked from the last couple days:

    Edan circled the edges of it all, same as Bo did. That’s the whole reason he noticed. In the act of watching over his soldiers while they interacted with these strangers in skin they knew, Bo caught those glowing blue eyes at the back of the room, the bench farthest from the center of commotion, against the wall in a casual slouch that wasn’t casual at all. He had a habit of reining his soldiers back in too, when they were about to get out of hand. Just a low, single whistle was enough, an eerie call that rose and fell at the same time. Bo wondered if it was magic.

    I’m really diggin’ this story.


    July 20, 2022


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