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    I’m trying to type this as close as I can get to the keyboard with a big ass, orange tabby named Wen Qionglin wedged between me and my laptop. It’s not easy. I’m lyin’ though. This little girl just has her spine lined up against the edge of my laptop and has all four of her paws digging into my sternum. Not fun, but I won’t be so heartless and move her.

    Haven’t gotten any writing done in a couple of days because I was nursing a sick kitten back to health. He’s fine! And now a bouncy, rambunctious ball of fluff whose gone back to terrorizing his siblings and momma. Supposed to working on Crow, but I’m beat. I’m gonna take a day before I get back to it. Bo is making me mad anyway. This is a romance novel, despite the other events going on in his story, and damn it, I don’t know why he’s surprised about it.

    I love my font on this site, but a friend of mine who’s checking my site work says it’s a little hard to read. Think I have to change it. Ah well. At least it’s not my actual handwriting. Even I can’t read that some days, no matter how much coffee I have.

    Off to make dinner and then my “day” job.

    Once more unto the breach.

    All the best,

    T.A. Creech

    August 10, 2022


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