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Storm Crow


(Legends of Osaire Book 3)
ISBN: 9781634867436
Release Date: October 6, 2018
Master fire mage Alegan Ilsace heads to the Fire Stars, great volcanic islands in the Vensalin Ocean, to harness the untamed power of Toa. He needs the power to snatch his family from death. All of his dreams lie in shambles when he fails and pays for his impertinence in blood.
Catli, Koan of his village and speaker for Toa, finds a stranger injured on the mountain side and drags him home. As Alegan’s past comes to light, Catli is drawn in by his bright, though understated, nature. Catli would rather spend his days doing his duties to the village and learning about the intriguing mage he rescued, but a usurper decides to strike.
One way or the other, Catli’s days are full of Alegan. Whether they continue on Toa or have to make their way out in the world is dependent on the strength of Catli’s power.


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